brand storytelling
Does your brand speak to the passions of your audience?

People remember stories but struggle with…facts…   Picture this, you are sitting in a meeting at 10’ in the morning, you had a good breakfast and got a cup of coffee to help you get through this meeting..would you rather listen to an interesting story or go through a presentation laden with facts and figures …

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compelling storytelling
Learn how to create a compelling story

How to create a compelling story Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s examine what makes an effective story – Does it attract attention, communicative, memorable in some way? There is no real check list of such story attributes: A great story has at its core, content, and style that blend together and impact the listener. …

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brand story telling
Brand Story Telling – How Starbucks did it and what you can learn from it

Starbucks is synonymous with coffee and a lot of other elements that are reflected in their values, employee policies, and social programs. How do we know about these things that are exemplary while being difficult to communicate? What did Starbucks do to get this kind of positive emotion out? Let’s explore.. Just like actions speak …

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Marketing Strategy Plan
The why & how of a Marketing Strategy Plan

** Note, we have used the word “Client” within the entire document to depict the scenario of the business being a Client of the marketing department. This could also mean another marketing agency dealing with an external client.   Before we get into why a strategy plan is important, let’s define what exactly a strategy …

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Local SEO for Hotel Chain
How to Rank Your Hotel Chain in Google Map Pack

Here’s the truth:   The global hotel industry is competitive and dominated by Hotel Chains. The hotels that made up the chain are usually located in different locations.   While the perspective of this article is a chain of hotels, the information herein applies to all kinds of chain businesses that have multiple locations. We …

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Advertising ROI
How To Track Your Advertising ROI

Running Advertising using Google Ads is easy right? Sign up, put the code into your website, put keywords in, enter your credit card details, and you’re running live ads. Right?   Actually, the opposite might be true.   You might be thinking that all those sales you are hoping to generate will soon knock on …

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Website Speed
Why Website Speed Matters & How To Profit From It

Want to see a jump in sales? There is a fix for that, Make your website load faster.   Now, What does the speed of a website have to do with sales?   The answer is, Google. Not only do all the other search engines promote sites that load faster—but most importantly, so do the …

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Branding, Voice Search & Local SEO – Married Or Divorced?

Believe it or not but Google does change its algorithm at-least once a day if not more. On a yearly basis, they do this at least 500 times. However, these changes are not as high impacting except for the major releases like “Panda”, “Penguin” etc…   Those are the updates that search marketers and businesses …

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Guide to Local SEO in 2019

Digital marketing is an important asset for the proper and successful development of each business. If you own a small company, though, your aim is to attract the local customers and establish your name in the area you are located. Hence, local SEO is the tool that you need to use in order to achieve …

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customer reviews for seo
How To Get Good Reviews & Deal With Your Negative Ones

Google, Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter etc..etc and every other social platform out there.   There is no denying the fact that today’s culture thrives practically on online reviews.   The list of sites is endless with a new platform or site coming up every other day.   Nothing is hidden online, the business owner …

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on-page seo
Effective On-Page SEO That Works While You Sleep

It is amazing how many businesses are obsessed with search engine optimization.   They are aware that creating a well-thought-out SEO strategy can effectively mean, free internet traffic which they can capitalize on.   Imagine, a steady flow of inbound leads delivered, this is the real deal, the real “Done For You” that businesses keep …

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High Quality Backlinks
How To Build High Quality Backlinks

“Backlinks”? Okay, so you stumbled upon this term and sort of think that it can help boost your SEO. So, what does high quality mean and how to build high-quality backlinks?   Maybe, you went to a marketing presentation and heard a bunch of talk about high valued backlinks and their relevance to driving traffic …

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local seo orange county ca
Is Local SEO Dead In 2019?

The age of “The Pigeon” began in 2014 with the Google Pigeon update. Everyone declared Local SEO was dead or soon to be dead; people thought the end was coming or at least near.   In the pigeon update, Google Slashed the Google map pack to 3 visible results (Yes Three!!!), well there are more …

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